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THE KEESHOND - Beauty & Brains

By Cheri Rogers - Keez Keeshonden

The Keeshond comes from a family of dogs called the Spitz. Ideally , according to the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) standard the Keeshond is 45.7 cm / 18"  tall for Males and 43.2 cm / 17" tall for females . They are a solid built dog, with a wedge shaped head and a medium length muzzle, small ivy-leafed shaped ears that are soft and velvety in texture. They have a very expressive face that sports "spectacles" around the eyes. The tail is curled tightly over their backs and blends into the body. The overall look of a well maintained Keeshond is one of true Glamour, yet easily achievable with regular weekly brushing. Thus, being referred to as "The Lazy Man's Glamour Dog"


The Keeshond was named after the 18th-century Dutch Patriot Cornelis (Kees) de Gyselaer leader of the rebellion against the House of Orange. The word 'keeshond' is a compound word: 'Kees' is a nickname for Cornelius (de Gyselaer), and 'hond' is the Dutch word for dog. In short,  meaning "dog of Kees"

The Keeshond is not a "HOUND" rather a "HOND" and probably  has the most mispronounced name. "keys-hound" , "keesh - hound" "keesh-hond"  "keesh-on". The proper pronunciation is "kayz-hond" or "case-hond" . The plural being "en", with the proper pronunciation of the plural being "kayz-honden" or "case-honden"


The Keeshond has a thick dense double coat, consisting of a short downy undercoat and a harsher outer coat, They have a thick ruff or mane around the neck. Typically Males will have a more pronounced mane that the females. The tail is well plumed, and feathering on fore legs and  pantaloons or trousers on the hind legs gives the Keeshond a soft look.

The colour of the keeshond is a blend of grey, black and creme , sometimes referred to as "wolf - grey" with the outer coat being tipped with black and the undercoat silver or cream but never tawny. The ruff, trousers and tail are usually a lighter cream or silver with the tail having a black tip on the end.

The ears and muzzle are black, although some will develop a white shade around the mouth which looks like they have just drank a glass of milk, this is referred to as "milk mouth" . This will usually increase as the dog gets older.

 Keeshonds will go through numerous colour changes as they mature. Generally starting out as almost pure black babies, then changing to a very cream or silver colour around the age of 3 months until finally getting their final adult colouring around the age of 9 - 12 months




Coat & Color change of a female Keeshond Puppy over a period of 12 months